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“I find The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy extraordinarily useful in making commercial law available to businessmen and students in business schools of the country,… and as ancillary reading for law students. [Rob] made it so simple.”

Soia Mentschikoff, Associate Chief Reporter to the UCC; Consultant to the Permanent Editorial Board of the UCC; Dean, University of Miami School of Law;  Professor of Law, University of Chicago, Harvard, Columbia

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! In this case he comes in the form of former University of Miami School of Law professor Robert M. LeVine, who has made one of the most complicated bodies of law in the United States—the Uniform Commercial Code—not only comprehensible but entertaining.”

Thomas R. Schuck past national president of the Federal Bar Association and a partner at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP in Cincinnati;  co-author of Reutter’s Federal 

my practice/small business.  I depended on my bank, vendors and minor legal assistance to guide me through the process.  I would have been so much better equipped with the wisdom and guidance of this easy to read and understand book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story format of Stephen’s business adventure!”
Kimberly Fabre, DDS, PA

“I was amazed.  I never thought it possible to make the UCC interesting.  But I was wrong.  For once I had read a book that made me understand the contents and interrelationships of the Code sections and at the same time I enjoyed reading it.”

F. William Harvey, JD, Wharton MBA. Former Financial Comptroller for Citibank International

I find The Uniform Commercial Code made Easy a truly remarkable approach to what is generally considered to be a very dull work, in that it brings the UCC to life in such a way as to actually make it fun and interesting.  I think that [the[ text would be invaluable not only to law schools and law firms, but—in my own context—especially to businesses.
Robert P. Pettegrew, New England Business

Rob’s book is a unique quantity.  It presents in understandable terms an area of law which is of interest to every businessman….It is interesting, easy to read, and substantively accurate. …You will sell a million copies.
John T. Gaubatz, Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law, JD Harvard; Co-Author, Federal Taxation of Estates, Trusts and Gifts

Student Endorsements

“It’s true. The UCC is just as daunting as it looks, and this book is the key to unlocking its mysteries. Infused with practicality, The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy combines every day transactions with straightforward law, allowing students to not only navigate the UCC with ease, but also develop a lasting understanding of the material. The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy’s revolutionary approach to the UCC has extensive application both in and out of the classroom as a resource for professors and a study aid for students. The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy by LeVine was my key to success in understanding the UCC, and enjoying it!”

Melissa Carroll
Stetson University College of Law

“A must read for every law student…EVERY law student.  I have never encountered a book on such a complicated topic that has been such an enjoyable read.  LeVine takes the study of the UCC, the longest and most elaborate of the uniform acts, and allows the reader to actually become a part of the learning process through his interactive writing style.  This is one book that will always be a part of my collection.

 Grant R. Gillenwater
 Stetson University College of Law

As a law student, The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy is a welcomed deviation from the standard law text.   The book seamlessly guides the reader through advanced UCC concepts all while remaining an entertaining read.  Being able to enjoy studying for an exam greatly enhanced my ability to absorb the information presented.

Ian Ansley
Stetson University College of Law

After reading The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy I know this is really the best way to study the UCC. It turned a potentially dry subject not only into something interesting, but allowed me to understand how the UCC is applied in the real world. Looking at cases just gives snapshots of how the UCC can work, but this book shows how it is commonly used and gives us a glimpse of what law students can expect when dealing with the UCC in practice.

Preston Davis
Stetson University College of Law”

This book is a highly effective and entertaining attempt by the author, Robert Levine, to teach the UCC in a manner that is both contextually realistic and legally accurate. If more books like this existed, other "Code" based classes would be significantly better understood by lawyers and business people alike. If you are a professor, make this book required reading. If you are a student of the law, buy this book. It's worth every penny.
Michael Milletton July 16, 2013

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